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Enjoyable Learning

We are a Learning and Development company with a particular focus in developing solutions for Australia’s Next Generation Defence Learning Environment.

We’re subject to change

Modern learning and development has no finish line anymore. 

COVID has been a harsh reminder of how quickly the things we take for granted can change. Working with continual change requires underpinning training to be as readily adaptable, or it risks becoming an outdated liability. Constant change to work and training is one of the reasons we provide ongoing development hours for everything we build with you. We think of it as “Learning Development as a Service”.

More than just a bank of support hours, Learning Development as a Service means we proactively monitor for changes to learning technologies, policies, and functionalities against what we’ve built with you, so we can make continual improvements to your learning and stop it becoming stale or unstable. It also gives you peace of mind that if one of your team is posted into a new position, you’ve got ongoing access to technical, educational and design expertise.

When all you’ve got is a hammer…

A narrow range of tools leads to narrow thinking.

Supporting complex training online requires mastering a broad range of tools so that learning outcomes aren’t compromised by technical limitations. To allow us to design equivalent learning experiences for online and face-to-face, VerveEd has developed a range of tools and techniques in conjunction with our unique understanding of the Defence Learning Environment.

This means that even if learning outcomes require a 3D virtual simulation accessed via ADELE, you can be assured that whatever we build can integrate, is interoperable, and can be maintained. 

The Next Generation Learning Environment

Your learning environment is growing.  We’ll make sure you’re ready for what’s coming.

Amidst the accelerated pace of change we all live in, learning environments are expanding into ecosystems of technologies, towards what are commonly called NGDLE’s. With the new capabilities offered by this ecosystem comes a need to stay abreast of the technological, procedural and security changes, especially for training with competencies attached.


Amongst those we’ve worked with include State and Federal Governments, and the largest Defence providers in the world.

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